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The Learning Model at the CPI Group Where Complexity is Profitable ElShazly

The Learning Model at the CPI Group  Where Complexity is Profitable Hossam ElShazly
Organisational learning has been at the root of the majority of business development and growth throughout history. It describes how an organisation adapts to changes in the business environment and how it creates value. A great deal of literature and researchers have attempted to understand organisational learning in terms of a particular skill or activity that affects its ability to grow, mature, innovate and create value (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 1995). However, change in the twenty-first century has brought with it roles and obligations. Learning models should be sophisticated enough to match the complexity of the process and to enable firms to survive, grow and compete in a world of economic downturns, wars and instability.
Simon and Pauchant (2000) proposed an important structure to illustrate the learning process inside an organisation and used a critical learning case to discuss the three learning le…