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Hossam ElShazly runs for President of Egypt 2018

Hossam ElShazly runs for President of Egypt 2018
Cairo, Egypt - 21. 01.2018

Hossam ElShazly, the Secretary-General of the Egyptian Change Council, an advocate of the liberal democratic vision, and the Political and Economic Advisor officially announced his intention to run for the Presidential race on January 21, 2018 via a formal recorded video which was published on his official campaign page on the Facebook and was published in all the related newspapers throughout Egypt. ElShazly withdrew on 28 January 2018 after the arrest of another candidate, Sami Anan, the former Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces and Khalid Ali, a human rights lawyer, and as a direct result of the suppression environment generated by the military ruling regime in Egypt. ElShazly supporters faced difficulties in registering pledges for him as Sisi has exerted pressure on former presidential candidates so that they would not run against him. The current regime led by Sisi used its pro-governmental m…