In the Name of the Children of Aleppo :To the Leaders of the Western World :We Respect You No More


In the Name of the Children of Aleppo To the Leaders of the Western World :We Respect You No More                                     Hossam ElShazly 

I choose today to send my message and address my words to the western world: To the citizens of the so-called civilised, developed, and modern countries, which stand silently in the face of the massacre in Aleppo today. What kind of people, and what sort of race of human beings, can eat, sleep and rest, while pictures of beheaded children, slaughtered mothers, and massacred fathers emerge out of Syria today. 
I choose not to address Arab leaders and their governments, as there is no sense talking to deaf, dead bodies who lost their humanity a long time ago and who breathe lies, corruption and treason at every waking moment. 

I choose to address those countries and citizens who broadcast, on every TV channel in the western world, talks and speeches about the moral principles they stand for and the human rights they protect. I choose not to address the leaders of this world either, as they deserve no more respect and are no cause for hope. These leaders are bad actors on a bloodied stage; they deceive us day and night with election programmes and long lists of promises about protecting the peaceful world and fighting against terrorists and dictators. Is there any greater act of terrorism than the act of annihilating the people of Syria? Is there any greater proof of cynicism than protecting the killers of Syria: Bashar and his vampire-ally Vladimir Putin? These two creatures are responsible for millions of refugees and hundreds of thousands of dead people, including women and children. 
It is evident for everyone to see, leaders of the Western world are no more than bad liars and deceiving storytellers. I recall my meetings inside the Human Resource Committee at the UN in Geneva, and the tears of the HR mandate as she listened to the story of a father who had lost five children in one day, or when she saw pictures of children slaughtered by Bashar and Putin’s Bombs. However, these are no more than crocodile tears, followed-up with no action and no further response. Undoubtedly, the UN is no more than an old, bloated organisation that hosts hundreds of offices full of reports and papers that bring no benefits to the world. It is only used by powerful countries against weaker ones, when they want to unleash their justified or unjustified anger in applying sanctions, punishment; or even waging a war against weapons of mass destruction that never existed. To kill half a million children in Iraq, to destroy the entire country, and then apologise for having incorrect intelligence reports. 
I do not value or honour the actions of Angela Merkel or other so-called EU leaders when they bombard our ears and emotions with their support for Syrian refugees. By way of these actions, they are helping empty Syria of Syrian people for the benefit of the new Satan on Earth, Bashar, and his Antichrist ally, Putin of Russia. 
My call today is addressed to western citizens in Europe, the USA, and people of the world who grew-up educated, and who pay taxes to protect moral principles and human rights. It is now time to accept no more games, no more cheating from political leaders in the western world. It is now time to pay no more respect to people who support terrorist states; allowing killers like Bashar to survive and commit crimes against humanity every day. It is now time to refuse to pay for ‘castle-of-sand’ organisations such as the UN. It is time to reject the circus that is the UN, which is financed with your taxes, and which pays thousands of people to work in Geneva and NY with no results; just for them to act as dolls in the hands of those who run the world. 
It is time to learn that insincere leaders have created a world of crisis, economic downturns, bankrupt countries, and conflict between civilisations. These leaders have created a world of terrorism, ISIS, Bashar, and Putin. It is time to stand against the kind of leadership that manipulates our world through a paid-off media and organised, unfaithful propaganda. It is time to search for a new style of leadership in the western world, one that can create a better human world, a world with no double standards. A world that has a chance to live in peace, to end wars, and stop supporting killers and dictators. A world that pays no respect to a leader who sleeps, eats and has sex while children are killed, families are destroyed, and cities are burned. 
My message today is written with the drops of blood of young angles in Aleppo, who were killed by monsters that know no mercy and stand for no religion or moral principles. My message today is written with the tears of families who have lost their loved ones, who have left their homes in the city of blood and dust, the city of civilisation, ALEPPO, Syria. 

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