ElBaradie New Strategy…'Winning at all Cost' by… Hossam ElShazly

ElBaradie New Strategy…'Winning at all Cost'
                                                                                                by… Hossam ElShazly 

The political seen in Egypt is reshaping and the new Egyptian President is taking Egypt to another dimension. In this new ERA many international analysts and politicians defined the situation as 'repositioning Egypt'; gaining back its leading role in the Middle East, and appearing as an important player in the world politics. From the UN legendary speech, to Gaza leading Peace role, where  landing on his strong vision and acts aiming at freeing Egypt from the former regime corruption & dictatorship roots effectively leading the country toward democracy and economic prosperity.  
However, it turned out that Morsi's success on the international arena and internal affairs as well as his rooted connection with majority of normal Egyptians is not bringing happiness to the former Director of the IAEA, and the international known figure; Mohamed ElBaradie.  ElBaradie who failed to record any kind of success through-out the entire journey of Arab spring movements and particularly in the Egyptian historic revolution and its aftermath is taking Morsi today as an enemy. 
The man who first appeared on the CNN with a sincere call for change at the time of Mubarak and was considered as an icon of new hope; became entirely isolated after the revolution, lost most of his allies and supporters, did not take part in any real political activity and assumed no responsibility in the formation of the new government or parliament.

He always chooses to disappear when times are critical and refuses to take any active part in the making of new Egypt.  This fact is absolutely related to his inability to build a wide acceptance among normal citizens in Egypt and among prominent political figures; to the contrary he was seen always as one rejected figure in the streets of Egypt.   Egypt is a country of solid traditions and culture, the type that does not appeal to ElBaradie way of life which painted by a western color to its extreme roots. This was behind the fact that the man never been seen as a future president or visionary leader in his homeland.
He  was always successful in acting like an alien to the Egyptian traditions and culture from the time he defended his picture  distributed  widely on   social networks  kissing Angelina Jolie, and  awarding her an international award  for her film which  was not appreciated among Muslim community in Egypt  to his various statement about his first Jew girlfriend,  his memories in the Irish Bar in NY  and his believes  about Islam,  women and family obligations.
Nevertheless among all these signs of failure which led him to leave the country on regular basis, he was able to inject a new hope among his supporters by establishing his new political party ELDOSTOR ' the Constitution' Party. He was able to gather some of the well known secular figures in Egypt and led them toward the formation of a new opposition party. Even so, his role in his own party was not quite defined and the party was officially declared at the time he was abroad. 

Recently and with the announcement of Morsi new decree acting to fight corruption, bringing Justice to killers of more than 1000 Egyptians during the 25th January revolution, and freeing Egypt of its dictatorship and corrupted institutions.  ElBaradie chooses to play a new strategy of 'Winning at all Cost'. Egypt Street was divided between supporters of Morsi and opponents to his recent Decree, where remnant figures of the old regime intensively invested in contracting criminals who attacked the Freedom & Justice party offices (Majority elected party) around the country burning documents and building, injuring civilians and spreading panic in Egypt streets. Those ex-regime members with supporters of the dissolved NDP (Mubarak party) in Egypt became very wealthy   at the time of Mubarak via every illegal way that brought Egypt economy to its Knees.
Today those NDP related figures took the chance and   wear the mask of the revolution demonstrating against the first elected President of Egypt and trying to destabilize the country and stop its journey toward democracy.

 In addition to the fact that ElBaradie was never successful in gathering majority of Egyptians around him, he also failed to appear as strong figure among opposition leaders in the country who included former Presidential candidates, political figures, and leaders of liberal and secular parties in Egypt.
His initiatives and activities worked clearly  against  the objectives and dreams of the Egyptian revolution, at a time trying  to appeal to military rulers  to stay in power against the elected parliament , appearing  as a strong ally of USA and the west with no limit  ,  as well as positioning  himself far away from Egyptians'  traditions & culture . Today ElBaradie is fighting his last war against not only Morsi, but also other prominent opposition figures including Hamdin Sabahy, Ayman Nour and Amr Mousa   trying to 'Win at all Cost'. Appealing to the west to interfere in Egypt internal affairs and using very critical statements about the 'Holocaust' in Germany with objective to ignite the western world against Morsi government, He articulated a stage of deception where prominent figures of the 25th revolution stand shoulder by shoulder with remnant figures of Mubarak regime, where violence is rewarded and truth is absent.

  The situation is embarrassing   his supporters day after day, and diminishing their chances of any future success in the next parliamentary and or presidential elections. The man who once seen as a good replacement for Mubarak, today is losing ground not only in Egypt, but also worldwide. Winning at all Cost is a strategy that destroyed entire armies in old wars and may cost ElBaradie his political career, and put an end to his political ambition in Egypt. 
Dr. Hossam ElShazly is the former Presidential Candidate of Egypt 2012, the Political analyst and the International Expert in Change management and member of the governing board at the Supreme Committee of Political Forces (SCPF) in Egypt. He is the current President of the International Operation at the Cambridge Philosophy Institute Consulting in Switzerland and Senior Strategist with the CPI Consulting Group. He is the former Special Advisor to Vice Rector at the University of Hail in Saudi Arabia, the former Assistant dean for Strategic Planning & Development , and the founder of the Strategic Planning & Development Center at the UoH. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in UK, Fellow of the Academy of Marketing Science at the University of Miami (AMS), MCIM of the Chartered institute of Marketing UK, and the former Professor of Strategic Planning & Change Management at the CPI Corporate Center, HTW, HTF, CMSD Switzerland. His area of research and writing focuses on change management, political analysis, community development & strategic planning. Dr. ElShazly acted as Senior Economic & Political consultant for Royal figures & Governmental bodies as well as international institutions in Europe & Middle East. He can be reached via email at: helshazly70@gmail.com  


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