English translation of my comments as part of the article of 《国际金融报》(International Finance News) which is affiliated to China's official newspaper《人民日报》(People’s Daily) about the current political situation in Egypt.


Well, there is no way to compare the election of 2012 with the one-planned now in 2014.  
In 2012, Egypt witnessed its first free and transparent election ever, where most known international monitoring institutes were present; the country was breathing the clean fresh air of the newly born democracy. Regulations guaranteed transparency of election and minimized irregularities, particularly the parliamentary law that authorized local count of votes in each electoral local commission. It was a celebration of democracy and freedom with more than 35 candidates in the initial stage and 13 in the final one.

However, today in 2014, Egypt is facing its most bloody and instable time, elections came after a military coup that destroyed the country democratic system, outset the first elected civilian president and dissolved the parliament, killed more than 5000 Egyptians and arrested nearly 21’000 people according to international reports. The current military regime in Egypt calls the memories of worst time in history when fascists led the entire world to a disaster. Candidates are only military personal, local media in Egypt is totally controlled by the army, and no voice for opposition could be heard. A funny and orchestrated 98% constitution referendum was put in place.  Streets are occupied with thousands and thousands of free Egyptians seeking to bring their democratic dream back and pay a very high price against all the killing and atrocities committed by the military regime and the security forces on daily basis. Such environment will host no real election and will lead to no democracy.

Well in the view of the current situation in the streets of Egypt and believing that there is no role for democracy in the country and the only sound heard is the one of pullets, no surprise that the head of the military coup will occupy the presidential palace as he did to the country. The Egyptian army is currently occupying each and every city in Egypt and there no day pass without some one die, a child,  a women, a professor or a young university students. Hence, if we are in the age of war in Egypt; a war between security forces and innocent civilians, we will sure see Gen. SISI as the next coup president. This if he managed to continue the killing and arrest of people without paying for his actions before the time of the planned false election.  

In my views, Sisi represents the dirty security face of Mobark. The Latter managed to role the country for nearly 3 decades building an institution of corruption and using more than 1 million security forces personal to suppress opposition and end any hope of democracy till he faced the 25th January revolution where Egyptians occupied Tahrir Square. Today Egyptians are not allowed to enter Tahrir Square and it was closed with great metal gates. Sisi is turning Egypt into a giant prison. However, Mobark never acted in this criminal way against his people, the way which divided the country and send many alarming signals about the future of  civilian war in Egypt . Sisi was managed to outset the first elected president only with the help of the old group of Mobark regime who controls the media, the business and the judiciary system. This group orchestrated the big lie known as 30 June movement and employ all tools with the help of the army to turn Egyptians’ life into hell at the time of the first elected President Morsi. The actual fact says that It is Mobark regime coming back seeking revenge from the Egyptian people and using lethal forces to bring the country on its knees in front of the eyes of a silent and confused world that may pay a high price if this military regime to prevail.  

There is no chance for any President who will be brought to office via false orchestrated election supported by military tanks to bring any hope to Egypt, Both the economical and the political Era are absolutely connected. The true bad fact of Egypt today, that all qualified people are either in Jail, killed or run outside the country. Most of the supporters of the current regime are shadows of failures, people who never dream to reach any position through normal legal channels, they never win any election and never known as an example of success in any field. The life proof of this, that with all the support of the Gulf Royal states, the economy is going bankrupt and the government is trying every legal and illegal trick in the book, but with no result. Stability is the core of economy, and democracy is the only road to stability.  No democracy, no stability, no economic growth.


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